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Estate planning is for everyone, not just the 

very wealthy. Most people should examine:

  • Probate avoidance using Living Trusts & Pour Over Wills

  • Selection of a well-qualified Trust Administrator

  • Asset Protection for FL residents

    • Proper Titling /Ownership of Financial Accounts & Assets

    • Umbrella Insurance coordinated with Auto & Homeowners

    • Family Trusts, IRA "See-Thru" Trusts and Spendthrift Trusts 

    • Annuities & Life Insurance Cash Value

    • Homestead Protection 

  • Durable Powers of Attorney for healthcare (advance directive) and also for financial matters should you lose capacity to make decisions for yourself.


Listen to our "Estate Planning" discussion.


We are not attorneys, but we can get you get started thinking about the right issues and either work with your existing law firm or recommend attorneys who can refine and finalize your estate plans. Of course, the centerpiece of any estate plan is an investment management system specifically designed to help preserve your portfolio from large market losses in bear markets. The battle-tested funds available at Brookstone Capital Management, LLC were chosen to meet this tough criteria.


At the high end, if your figure to exceed the estate tax exemption at death, we can help you divorce your tax partner the IRS !  See why today's ultra-low interests can make certain trusts very favorable.



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Estate Planning

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