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Certified Financial Planner in Naples, FL

Tactical Investments • Fixed Indexed Annuities • Life Insurance & LTC • IRA & 401(k) Retirment Income • Estate Planning & Taxes • Social Security & Medicare • Morningstar Portfolio Risk Analysis • Social Seciruty Optimization • Lifetime Income Planning • DROP & FRS Rollovers

Then, based on your unique circumstances, we begin the educational process to acquaint you with your best options, and their ramifications, in the areas that you need to make financial decisions for yourself.

Our Process: To listen to your story and gather all of your information –not only facts and resources but also a clear understanding of your needs and goals, what you like and what you don’t like.

Our Practice: Ringgold & Associates successfully serves clients as a certified financial planner in many areas of their lives such as investments, insurance, long term care, income planning, estate & tax planning, medicare and social security optimization in Naples, FL and the surrounding areas.

In addition, we are experienced in advanced planning such as: premium finance for life insurance, asset protection, defined benefit and SEP/401(k) plans, captive insurance, buy – sell planning and pension maximization.

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