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        "Plan For The Unplanned"


Long Term Care and health costs must be planned for. For healthy single person aged 65 , there is a 70% chance that they will incur six figure LTC expenses and a couple has an astounding 90% chance. We can identify and help you examine your options now, rather than later, when they may have narrowed. We will help you analyze your LTC needs based on your:

  • Expected longevity

  • Insurability

  • Liquid assets

  • Risk tolerance


Go to the interview tab "Long Term Care" to hear discussions.


We can help you examine and implement your best options ranging from self-paying, traditional LTC insurance, tax-qualified LTC annuities, deferred annuities or life insurance with a long term care rider. With proper planning you can leverage your money to pay future bills.


Take a look at 2014 Florida costs: 


Bottom line plan now and avoid a catastrophe later, especially if you are a couple under age 70. Don't let the "last man/woman standing" become unnecessarily impoverished and dependent on Medicaid.


Here is a planning calculation using investments rather than insurance:


On a practical note, if you or a loved one already needs help with some of the activities of daily living (ADLs), a Registered Nurse (RN) with special LTC work history and training as a Professional Geratric Care Manager (GCM) can help manage someones care:

  • Select the proper Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) or Assisted Living Facility (ALF)

  • Hire and oversee a home health agency or existing caregiver

  • Accompany to doctor office

  • Be on-call for emergency hospital visits

  • Coordinate medications between doctors and oversee proper dispensing

  • Provide assessments of physical and mental abilities 

  • Coordinate communications with remote family members with regular emails and phone calls.

  • Advocacy, consultation and crisis intervention

  • Promote optimal health and independence in the senior


Click here for the Aging Life Care national site and to select a local referal:







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