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Medicare Planning

Medicare Planning is complicated

and mistakes can be both expensive

and irretrievable. After you sign up for

Medicare Part B, you must chose between

original Medicare and Medicare Advantage (Part C).


The Advantage plans are typically free, but there are considerable downsides:

  • Annual maximum out of pocket costs are high, generally $6,700.

  • You are constrained to a local network that does not include nationally known treatment centers for life-threatning conditions that could be critical to you.

  • The plan can be cancelled at any time and your doctor or specialist could opt out because of low reimbursements. 

  • Also be sure to examine the approved prescription drug "formularies" - many plans are quite restrictive and may not include current or future medications.


Bottom line, if you never have a serious illness, it is a great plan, but who can be assured of that? Fortunately, you can eliminate the uncertainties and potentially high costs with a supplemental plan.

As you turn 65 there is a narrow window where you have a one-time opportunity to get a supplemental plan without underwriting. By law all Medicare supplemental plans are identical, but pricing, insurance carriers and Especially the type of contract being offered are not, and this can make all the difference. Don’t gamble with something as important as your healthcare coverage, the stakes are simply too high, call and get the facts from an Independent agent and explore your options.


The "F" plan is the top plan and covers all costs. However, if premium is an issue, you would do well to consider the High Deductible F (HDF) plan, but keep in mind that it is not available with all carriers. The HDF plan ranges from only $50 a month, comparable to Medicare Advantage plans but with much less out-of-pocket exposure. The annual premium savings over 20 years, if invested properly, could provide a nice cushion for long term care expenses.  


For more information, go to the Medicare Interviews section of this site and listen to an indepth interview with industry professionals.


It's convenient: if you are turning 65 we can enroll you in the Medicare supplement plan of your choice without an office meeting. We can work by phone and in an on-line webinar, where you can view the choices and application process on your computer. 


Also, check out the Medicare Part A & Part B coverage:


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 Call me @ 239.281.9561 to schedule an online webinar. You can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan in as little as 15 minutes from your home.


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