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Social Security Optimization is key. To avoid a potential six figure mistake you really need a formal analysis. It is complicated: there are 567 separate ways to claim and 2,728 rules to follow which are explained by over 100,000 pages in the Social Security Administration (SSA) Program Operating Manual System (POMS). Remember, the great people at the SSA are forbidden to offer advice on best filing strategies.

Social Security Optimization

We have exclusive access to a program written by Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, Boston University economics professor and special advisor to the SSA, which accounts for all of the massive filing scenarios. The program may examine over 500,000 filing choices before selecting the one that best fits you, something that a simple calculator, breakeven analysis or spreadsheet could never do. I also have direct access to members of the National Social Security Advisors (NSSA) if you have an unusual situation.


Go to the interview tab "Social Security" to listen to in depth discussions.


Download a typical report:  


For more information, please go to the Interviews section of this site and listen to discussions with recognized Social Security experts such as Mr. Phillip Moeller. Mr Moeller regularily publishes articles for Money Magazine and the PBS Newshour on both Social Security and Medicare. He and Dr. Kotlikoff co-authored the definitive best-selling book "Get What's Yours - The Secrets to Maxing out Your Social Security".t What's Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security


For more information from Dr. Kotlikoff Click Here:



To go to the Social Security Site to create an account, get your earnings history or sign up for either Social Security or Medicare benefits click here:




Get your Social Security / Medicare guide: 


Please review the above resourses and call me for a no charge meeting, either on-line or at my office, to identify the right filing plan and produce a written report. 

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