Tax Planning is the final step in 

coordinating all planning issues.

We can help you plan ahead to

control what figures to be your

largest retirement expense and avoid a costly future misstep. We can coordinate with your tax professional to help you develop a plan to:

  • Control your tax bracket

  • Minimize or even avoid taxes on your social security benefit, if possible

  • Create sources of tax-free income 

  • Handle your IRA distributions efficiently

  • Create "Stretch" IRAs for non-spousal heirs (inherited IRAs), if desired

  • Determine if converting an IRA to a Roth IRA is advisable 

  • Minimize potential estate taxes

  • Set up a 529 college funding plan with tax-free gifting

  • Maximize charitable contributions, if applicable

  • Control taxation of capital gains within a trust



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Tax Planning

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