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Frequently Asked Questions


On My Show I address many issues that my Customers have reguarding there Financial Future.   Below are some of those questions that I answerd on the air. 



How do I chose a financial advisor?


You should absolutely chose to work with someone who works under a fiduciary standard: someone who works in your best interests. Start by looking for training and experience along with credentials and licensing. Next, I feel as though you should select someone who actively works with insurance and investments, because you may need both and, if so, they should be coordinated. Obviously, you want to work with someone who has taken the time necessary to become familiar with your needs and goals and is genuinely interested and capable of helping you.

Please go to the "On Demand" section and listen to Episode 16 which discusses this important issue in detail.



How long does it take to properly plan for a sucessful retirement?
Of course, everyone is different but most people must examine their projected retirement expenses and plan their income. This is probably 3-4 meetings, especially if a Social Security & Medicare plan must be developed . You may need additional meetings for investment reallocation, current insurance review and possibly a LTC discussion. Finally, some may need help with developing a tax plan and estate planning.

Bottom line, this is a process and may take a number of meetings to decide and implement solutions. The good news is that a few weeks spent diligently working the issues frees you up to go about your retirement with checkups as needed.


Do you have restrictions on accepting new clients?


Our first meeting is critical because we must mutually decide whether or not we should work together. On my part, I must be convinced that I can add value to your retirement plan with new ideas. My minimum for investments is $500,000, but there are no restrictions for insurance needs.


Why did you chose Brookstone Capital Management, LLC as your Registered Investment Advisor?


 I chose BCM for good reasons and, by extention, this is why you should chose me to work me:

  • BCM focus is to manage investment risks and limit portfolio drawdowns. We provide a wide spectrum of actively managed long-term investment strategies for individual investors. We seek to maintain a risk-managed approach toward investing, and our portfolios range from conservative to moderate to growth to allow for investor risk tolerance preferences.  Neither BCM or I can guarantee an outcome, but I feel that this approach offers the best chance of investment success..

  • All funds are held in custody by TD Ameritrade Institutional (TDAI) in what is known as a Wrap Account, which feature one all-inclusive charge and eliminates any other charges such as transaction costs. No surprises here.


Why is it important to work with an Independent insurance agent?


A captive agent works for his chosen company, not you. Independent agents act as brokers and represent their clients best interests. I closely screen any potential carrier for A.M. Best ratings (most reliable for life, health and annuity carriers), competiveness, customer service, ownership and where they invest your premiums

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