Cash Flow Management is necessary to make sure that you don’t run out of money in retirement. Do you have a plan to distribute a consistent and sustainable income, or do you just have a static accumulation plan? We use professional software to construct a complimentary year-by-year cash flow projection and help you make adjustments to get your best result. Use this indispensable tool to make intelligent critical decisions:

  • When to retire

  • When to take social security worker or spousal benefits

  • When to take IRA distributions and whether to convert to a Roth

  • Whether or not to downsize your home or lifestyle

  • What Investments you need to make to support an adequate safe withdrawal rate

  • How to estimate and guard against inflation

  • Target a legacy amount to your family or charity

  • When to "turn on" an annuity or an annuity ladder if you have an annuity

  • Whether to take a "single life" pension or annuity or a "joint life" option

  • How and when to fund long term care vehicles


Do you know what the Safe Withdrawal Rate  (SWR) is for your portfolio? Do you think it is 4-5% like your broker has probably told you? That worked in the 1990s when US Treasuries were between 6-7%, but can not work with today's low interest rates and high price/earnings ratio stocks. Very important: if you are withdrawing from an IRA/401(k) or a brokerage account with gains, you will be receiving the after tax proceeds. So, if you are in the 20% tax bracket, to net 4% you must distribute 5%.


So if you have a typical retail mix of low yield bonds and/or overvalued equities that are highly correlated to the market, your net SWR may be well under 3% and totally incompatible with your distribution needs. Don't get caught by another 2008!


Find out how to easily and efficiently fix this problem with a customized solution to cure a cash flow deficit. Some may prefer the simplicity and safety of an annuity with a 5-6% payout guaranteed for life used in combination with low market risk Institutional Tactical funds, but your needs and preferences will always govern.  Check out this pro forma calculation & input your retirement situation:


For a complete understanding of annuities, see my blog under "The Fixed Indexed Anuity (FIA) discussion" and go to "Annuities" tab under interviews and listen to several discussions.


Most important, get a professional analysis: don’t be blindsided by inflation, poor investment results, sub-par social security decisions, out of control healthcare costs or the loss of a single-life pension.



Click on for a Retirement Budget Worksheet (bring to first meeting): 


Call me and find out if your plan is on track or needs help.


Cash Flow Management

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